Duncan glazes

Ceramic artists can spend a lifetime striving to achieve just the right color. At Duncan®, we do the experimenting so you can skip straight to fulfilling your vision. We’ve spent the past 70 years testing our glazes and underglazes to create the most accurate and reliable colors available.

From rich earth tones to brilliant neons, each batch of color meets our exacting standards for quality and consistency. Whether you want a soft watercolor effect or bold splash of color, you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting with our easy-to-use ceramic finishes.

We rigorously test every new glaze for color accuracy on multiple surfaces. Use our high-quality glazes and underglazes on clay products.

We’ll supply the color palette – you bring the imagination!

Cover Coat

Cover-Coat® Opaque Underglazes are formulated for both greenware and bisque and provide opaque color coverage, even when applied over another color. These clay, water-based underglazes fire to a porous matte finish; apply a clear glaze for shiny color.

Low heat angobs (burning 995-1060 ° C)


Concepts® are underglaze colors designed primarily for decorating bisque. These colors are frit-based; therefore, when three coats are applied, they have a glossy sheen when fired. One, two, or three coats may be applied.

Low heat angobs (burning 995-1060 ° C)


Envision Glazes is a full color line offering opaque, semi-opaque and transparent colors with a high-gloss finish and outstanding brushability for ease of application.

Base and low heat glazes (burning 995-1230 ° C)

Clear Claze Pure Brilliance

Duncan® Pure Brilliance® Clear Glaze is the first-ever high-performance, nontoxic clear glaze. Featuring a fast and stable dry time, this craze-resistant clear glaze enhances underglaze colors with brilliant shine and superior protection.

Low heat transparent glazes (firing 1000-1020 ° C)

Renaissance Glazes

Specially formulated for cone 5-6 firings, Renaissance Glazes™ bring your pieces to life with rustic hues and one-of-a-kind color breaks. Ideal for stoneware, porcelain, greenware and bisque, this mid-range glaze family is safe for food containers and is overglaze compatible for a truly unique creative experience.

High heat glazes (burning 1180-1230 ° C)

Crystal Glaze

Transfer the brilliance of fireworks onto bisque with Crystals Glazes™, the easiest glaze family to apply! Crystal pebbles of varied sizes are embedded in the glaze and burst during the firing process to reveal an explosion of multicolor flecks. The result is a distinctive and unique array of colors that even a novice artist can achieve.

Low heat glazes (burning 995-1060 ° C)